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    Weimi Hardware Tech. Company

    Address: 1F, Jiufa Technology Park, Jinfu West Road, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, China 523407

    Tel: 86-769-83287680

    Fax: 86-769-81123371

    Phone: 86-15814312928




    CNC Machining Brass

    • Cheap Price CNC Turning Brass Fitting

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      Cheap Price CNC Turning Brass Fitting

      Our general tolerance is ±0.1mm but we regularly work to the nearest micron.Read More

    • Cnc Machining Custom Parts

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      Cnc Machining Custom Parts

      cnc machining custom parts Product Catagory: cnc custom brass parts Material: brass Machining method: cnc turning Customer feedback: excellent, our part help his test smooth. Production time: 1 days for 100pcs Know more about us, please have a look at below pictures:Read More

    • Cnc Machining Brass

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      Cnc Machining Brass

      Oem cnc machining brass for bathroom Material: H59 brass Used : brass fittings for bathromm Surface treatment: Polish, chrome plating or nickelplating. base on customer's request. Weimi also could provide other brass parts base on your design. Please do not hesitate to...Read More

    WEIMI is one of the most professional CNC machining brass manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our own CNC machining brass companies and shops. Welcome to contact us for details.
    Weimi Hardware Tech. Company
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